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CSS Group specializes in providing the Graphic Arts professionals with products and services to maximize productivity, and minimize additional overhead.

We have over 35 years of combined experience with providing both technical and workflow solutions to the Graphic Arts industry. Our solutions will organize internal production environments, automate workflow processes, and integrate where needed, while securely and selectively publishing information for your customers to interact with.

Founder and president Steve MacKenzie offers a wide range of expertise including over 35 years of prepress, database programming, and networking. We have a long history of creating technological and workflow solutions for the most perplexing production problems. Our distinguished client list includes some of the industry’s largest facilities in the US.

CSS Group, Inc. provides the skills and tools to create and maintain a smooth flow of information within the production site, as well as provide secure digital communications with your customers.


Through the ongoing development of DataManager, CSS Group continues to offer the Graphic Arts professionals a specialized off-the-shelf Project Management database that is capable of becoming your complete database infrastructure. DataManager is designed to co-exist with an infinite combination of software packages, servers, and workflows. CSS Group provides custom development, if required, or our clients may perform their own web enhancements.

IT Services

CSS Group offers complete professional IT functions such as consultation, upgrading existing hardware, installing new hardware, as well as perform those technical services. Our goal is to ensure that the foundation of your internal networked devices and Internet connections are delivering to you and your customers the most reliable, efficient, and securest connections as possible.