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Each of these classes of data have their own needs and workflows. DataManager is structured to filter the generation and actions performed on those thumbnails differently based upon which class of data it lies within. Internal Workflows are structured to handle all the needs of users to produce jobs, while the host site can decide to control distinctly what automatically gets published on a per customer basis to the web.

INTERNAL (Job Centric)  Click to view details of workflow
Organizing and maintaining customer supplied files into Jobs (Work in Progress File) or into Library Files, eliminates many job production issues.
Once Jobs have been completed, the archiving process automatically follows the predefined folder attributes, purging unnecessary job files, copying, thumbnailing, while auto-publishing Job Centric information to aid in locating those files.
CUSTOMER (Brand Centric)0  Click to view details of workflow
Publishing image data that is designed to be searched in a Job Centric fashion to users who do not know Job Centric information makes it very difficult for them to locate potential files that will suit their needs. The data needs to be filtered and reorganized into a Brand Centric format before it's published to your Customers. Most Asset Management systems are designed to handle one or the other, or they require significant additional daily overhead to handle both.
DataManager includes tools that systematically allow the transition of reorganizing image data from Job Centric to Brand Centric.
DataManager is a well developed Asset Management system that provides the ability to solve internal production issues, while adding minimal overhead to publish those assets in a format that is optimized for each of your customers.