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DataManager provides the tools to fully maintain a smooth flow of information
within the production site as our animated graphic will demonstrate. More information is available
by clicking on the system above that interests you most.

Asset Management

Asset Management is designed to structure job files flowing to and from a File Server for total Digital Asset Management.

DataManager's efficient server management capabilities allow for digital assets to be managed throughout the completion of the job. All authorized levels of production can instantly access Job files. Job notes can be entered and saved, providing communication links among users.

Any AFP server, including Linux, Unix, and Windows is supported. File formats supported include all Quicktime formats as well as Scitex CT, TIFF and EPS. Multiple page thumbnails are generated for multi-page Quark documents using our unique extension.

During archiving, a JPEG preview is automatically created and stored permanently on-line. Keywords can be added to images on a per customer basis. If using a combination of Asset and Information Management all of the job fields are searchable to locate images.

Information Management

Information Management is designed to facilitate automation of all Job and Order Entry functions. DataManager has numerous amounts of user-definable fields within it's Job Entry screens. Unique pull-down lists can be created and associated as values for each of these unique fields. Customized categories and a flexible interface allow for ease of use throughout the program.

Order Entry time is reduced by using drag-and-drop capabilities, along with floating palettes. Templates can be created and saved with built-in Schedules, Tasks, Materials, and Specifications and be applied to new Jobs and/or revisions.

Users can generate quotes based upon their unique workflow. Data entered in the quote is automatically transferred into the Job Entry screen and can be modified if needed.

DataManager's dynamic scheduling capabilities will allow Supervisors and Management the ability to track all areas of production and all time on jobs can be captured for a more complete billing process.